Health and Sanitation

Physical and Mental Health Reports

No personal information is provided; but we will explain the evolution of health care in the schools and provide some statistical data.  Efforts to introduce nurses and dentists are fascinating, as well was the Five Star Program, a system of tests and health fairs designed to protect children from disease, as well as the risks of poor diet and exercise.

Major Categories are as follows:

  • 7.1  Disease
  • 7.2  Drivers Education
  • 7.3  Health Galas, Clinics and Classes
  • 7.4  Negro Organization Society and the National Negro Health Week
  • 7.5  Nurses, Dentists and Doctors
  • 7.6 Physical Exams and the Five Point System
  • 7.7 Psychological Issues and Gifted Children
  • 7.8  Related Visiting Teacher Program Files
  • 7.9 Sports Medicine
  • 7.10  Sanitary Outhouses and Cups
  • 7.11  Mortuary Records.   Sources outside the project have occasionally been given access to burial records. While they are not official school records, they may provide valuable genealogical or family history information, and so are shown here.